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6 Tips for Rapid Social Media Growth in 2022

Social media is paving a new path in 2022. In the past, you could ignore the way people interact with other apps and treat them as overly generic messages. Now we have a space with a special culture: TikTok. Clubhouse. It doesn't matter what the metaverse promises. 

Now more than ever, you need a social media plan. Business marketing or personal brand development with dozens of apps to explore is a slow, multi-layered process.

Let's get started with the six tips for rapid social media growth.

1. Start with just one platform.

The first rule of social media dominance is to focus. You can`t be on every platform at once, at least not at first. Connecting with people in one place is better than splitting your attention between six different apps. 
 Plus, have you seen the number of applications these days? There are a huge number of options. 
 You can join: 

  •  Facebook 
  •  Facebook messenger 
  •  Instagram 
  •  Youtube 
  •  TikTok 
  •  LinkedIn 
  •  Twitter 
  •  Pinterest 
  •  Snapchat 
  •  Clubhouse 
  •  Reddit 
  •  Discord
  •  Podcast networks (e.g. Spotify) 
  •  Twitch 
  •  Patreon 
  •  WhatsApp 

Our top five apps include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Millions of people join this space, making it ideal for attracting large audiences. Remember, the best platform isn't the most downloaded app. A space where you can easily find your target audience.

2. Find your niche.

In 2022, finding your niche on social media is a must. You want to attract like-minded people, not random followers who don’t view your content or make purchases. You should spend time identifying which community you belong to, whether that’s dads looking for trail running shoes or teens who love mobile gaming. 

“You’re not covering a whole world here with your message,” Lounseny says. “You’ve got to identify your audience, and you’ve got to jump into that niche, and say, ‘Hey, this is what I’m talking about.’”

When you find the right niche, stick to it. Social growth gets easier with focused content that continually speaks to your audience.

3. You can tell a lot of stories (Storytelling).

Good marketing is essentially good storytelling. If you can tell a fantasy story that portrays your audience as heroes of noble quests, your social media channel will grow. It's really simple. People connect by sharing stories and seeing themselves in a positive light.

Lounseny said, "That's how  you grow." When I started posting these posts and feeds, I was like, "What can I give this platform to tell my story and connect with people?" And that's three F's. s: feelings, facts, and fun. 

If you get at least 2 out of 3 on every post, you're doing the right thing.

4. Leverage the power of influencer marketing.

Did you know that there is one influencer that always appears in your feed? Who posts to your niche and gets a lot of engagement? I will send an email to that person in 2022. Ask about their rates and whether they`ll market some of your products to their audience. 

You wouldn`t be the only person reaching out, by the way. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 90% of brands believe in the power of influencer marketing. 

“If you want to grow your business, find an influencer,” Lounseny says. “There`s an influencer for everything. Find one to help you grow, and not just one [person]; I would challenge you this year to say, `Who else can [I] hire to come in and push that product out?`”

5. Repurpose content across social media. 

Posting identical content on every platform is a bad idea. Digital communities have a distinct culture, and they don`t respond to the same conversations or even the same conversation style. Transform your content to blend with any platform and the people who inhabit it. 

For example, you can do a lot with  YouTube videos. Eventually, the video will be a blog post, condensed into a Twitter thread, which will be condensed into a TikTok or Instagram Reels script. Even podcast authors are planning their content. Full visual episodes are great for YouTube, but sound bites and video clips are sent to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

6 Build your social media team.

Lastly, don`t try to go it alone on social media. It`s like New York City: loud, crowded, and up all night. You need help navigating those 24/7 spaces. 

“You want to grow this? Do you want to make this a real business? You need a team,” Lounseny says. 

By a team, Lounseny doesn`t mean a social media manager who handles every profile. Every time you join a new platform, you need someone to oversee and manage that community. 

Imagine a Facebook manager having to suddenly create TikToks. This is a major platform change. Now that person needs to follow trendy audio clips and inspire the courage to dance for 60 seconds. It's better to hire someone who is good in this area. 

The 2022 social media plan depends on the viewer and what you want to achieve overall. But for all types of goals, such as entertainment, marketing, and product sales, you have to build a following first.

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