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Why Do I Need Site Search?

Did you know that your Site Search bar is used by 5 to 25% of all visits to your site? Did you know that Site Search visitors are more likely than non-Site Search visitors aka "browsers" to make a purchase "today"?

Site search is the most important technology on a website that is used to convey what visitors and customers are looking for,  express "preferences and preferences", and expect results. Intelligent site search provides really the right answers and tracks, dice, and uses those valuable customer insights for SEO, navigation, merchandising, and other on-site and off-site marketing channels. You can further improve the relevance of your site.

So now the question is: Are you happy with how your site search tool interacts with your visitors? Are you happy with the response from your visitors and customers? Does your current site search technology confuse you and give up your own website?

Learn more. Go to Digital Marketing Depot and download. "Why do I need a Site Search?" By Hawksearch.

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