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3' trends in social media marketing to watch out in 2022.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok were the platforms where businesses moved to emerge with video trends, especially with reels in 2021.




So, what did we learn in 2021? Let’s dive into that:

What did we learn from social media marketing in 2021?


1- The user is not using social media to like, comment, and share anymore

In 2021, we learned that the trend of covertly using social media is more solidified than ever. People are not using social media to comment, like, and share as much as they had been doing before. 

The trend continued to be in the direction of consumption of social media with sporadic engagement by the user. 


2- Distinctive segmentation for each social media platform

We also saw a greater segmentation of the platforms and their fit within the social landscape. 

Facebook has become a staple platform, used for genuine connection and community between people with similar interests. The active age groups on Facebook are between 29-55 years.

Instagram became the alternative for millennials and pre-boomer audiences where Instagram reels and shopping emerged as part of the super trends of 2021. E-commerce fueled Instagram and its emergence as the mature platform alternative to Snapchat and TikTok.

TikTok saw massive growth during the lockdown world of 2021. Users of younger demographics (13-25 years) were submerged in its micro-content consumption alternative option to other mediums such as Netflix, Snapchat, or Youtube. 

Like Snapchat in 2017-2019, TikTok offered a content consumption/procrastination tool rather than the traditional social media platforms. 

LinkedIn and Twitter both consolidated their positions as foundational platforms. But, disappointingly, both platforms haven’t progressed as quickly as Facebook or TikTok.


Three trends in social media marketing to watch out for in 2022


Trend #1: Facebook / Instagram will focus on more video reels and swipe-up video format

Facebook’s platforms (Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook), following the 2021 video/story trends, will concentrate on swipe video content.  

Spoiler Alert: There has been a discussion of Facebook making its news feed consist of entirely swiping videos. 

Facebook has made investments in building Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, and its acquisition in 2018 of Facebook Watch. Indeed, it has shown a continual investment in the video format which has continued to grow. 


Trend #2: E-commerce capabilities will become more functional in 2022

Last year, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok discussed their investment into direct pay functionality on their platforms for the years ahead. Teaming up with cryptocurrency projects and other payment facilitators globally has been a major focus from the social giants, which will eventually allow on platform purchases — a functionality that has been noticeably absent from social media platforms.


Trend #3: TikTok to mature in 2022 

The emergence of TikTok has been something to behold, with high-speed growth and excellent progression as a platform. 

However, we must not forget about other platforms like Snapchat, which had similar trajectories, and eventually halted in growth due to the inability to invest in outbuilding Facebook’s infrastructure. 

While it is clear that TikTok is a significant player in the social media landscape, what is not clear is the opportunity for business. 

Can businesses use the platform easily, is it affordable and can it attract a high disposable income market like Facebook / Instagram? 

We will need to continue watching these trends and forecast how real this growth is in terms of its actual value to a business in 2022.


How businesses should prepare their social media strategy for this 2022


Here are three things businesses really need to be clear around:

  1. Their target demographic’s preferred platforms
  2. The level of investment that the business is prepared to make in content
  3. A good  understanding of the resources needed to develop a solid social media marketing channel


Lounseny Camara

Digital Marketing Specialist

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